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Welcome to Ciberescola da Língua Portuguesa!

Ciberescola gathers high quality materials to support Portuguese learning both as native and foreign language. As a student-centred set of resources Ciberescola is ideal for the autonomous study of Portuguese but also offers tutor guidance to students enrolled in online courses.


Ciberescola offers interactive exercises (1000 currently), ranging from 5th to 12th year/grade, and covering all proficiency levels, according to the Common European Framework for Languages. After finishing an exercise the computer automatically grades the user’s answers, stores the results and displays the correct answers. All exercises are labelled according to five skill areas: reading, listening, vocabulary, writing and grammar. They are also distributed according to three difficulty levels.


The Cibercursos section is where online courses of Portuguese as a Foreign Language are taught. It also has a database of PDF worksheets for teachers to print and use, as well as updated news about the teaching of Portuguese as a Foreign Language and language acquisition in general.

No fees

Ciberescola is owned by a non profitable company (Ciberdúvidas da Língua Portuguesa Conteúdos Multimédia) and so users may register and attend courses for free.


All exercises are created by experienced teachers and researchers in linguistics and pedagogy.